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THURSDAYS at 9:30pm|8:30c - on LMCTV

Returns All New: Thursday, September 26th at 9:30pm

Homicide detective Ben Radner (Mike Orsino) is just like any Mamaroneck detective. Until he begins investigating the death of Larry Crawford (Al Baio). Now the hunt is on for the “Little Girl” who may have witnessed the murder, or committed it.
LMCTV’s 2017 “Best New Series” Award Winning drama also stars Rebecca Berman, Alan Bendich, Louis Simons, Sara DiFalco, Victor Lopes, Stella Giordano, Morein Gordon, and Rebecca Paganini.

Watch it NOW - on LMCTV

Stories about the history of Larchmont, Mamaroneck, and the shound shore, told through LEGO™ stop motion.

Watch it NOW - on LMCTV

Amor Hecho Pedazos a Spanish Lego Novella. Follow the lives of; Maria, kept from her true love, by her over bearing Mother. Nina, the quiet secretary who searches for love in all the wrong places. Lucia and Pablo, long distances have kept these two apart, what can finally get them together? Amor Hecho Pedazos is a Novella told with Lego Stop Motion. Why? Because sometimes Love is in Pieces.

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