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The Daily Voice: Larchmont-Mamaroneck TV Station Airs Teen's Monster Drama, 'The Rascal'

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Andrey Gordon is only 17, but he already has won awards as a filmmaker.

And now, he’s set to begin filming the second season of his supernatural crime drama, “The Rascal,” on LMC-TV, Mamaroneck’s public access television station, in April.

A junior at the independent Thornton-Donovan School in New Rochelle, Andrey began working at the non-commercial local station in 2011. Since then, he has been awarded as LMC-TV’s Volunteer of the Year and recognized by The Alliance of Community Media.

He created “The Rascal” with his friend, Felix Giordano

The first season -- six seven-minute episodes -- featured fictional homicide detective Ben Radner tracking a Rascal, a monster who is killing innocent civilians. The second season will pick up wither the first ended-- in a cliff-hanger with Radner’s life in jeopardy.

Andrey used his school as sets for the show’s police station and lab.

The cast is a mix of family friends and LMC-TV regulars: Mike Orsino, the Gordon family arborist, as Ben Radner; Louis Simons, of “The Local Live” show, as Lt. Leonardo Anthony, Radner’s sidekick; Rebecca Berman, also of “The Local Live,” as Ramona Barrington, a friendly Rascal; producer Alan Bendich as Will Petersen, a forensic scientist, and station stalwart Sara Difalco as Abigail Daniels, the evil Rascal.

Andrey does everything on the show except act.

“Directing the show is a really great experience,” he said. “It can get stressful at times, when I am trying to coordinate with all the actors for filming, and when we are on time constraints trying to get everything filmed.”

But, he added, “I love every minute…. The cast is so much fun to work with and they are so willing to do what is necessary….They are there 100 percent.”

Andrey also contributed to LMC-TV’s “Amor Hecho Pedazos,” (“Love Made in Pieces”), a Spanish-language soap opera shot in stop-motion with characters and sets made from Legos.

“Each one of the buildings on the city street took about five hours of work to build,” he said.

“Andrey is hardworking and passionate about the show,” said Studio Production Manager Dena Schumacher. “You have to be when you are creating something you love.”

Jeffrey Cabrera is a member of the Purchase College Community Reporting Team

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